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Multimedia Fusion 2 - Technical Support
Little problem with animations by camelman @ 01/17/09 09:25 PM

In my game my character has many animations, stopped/walking/running/ducking/landing/and about 20 other user animations. My problem is that whenever the character is going from landing to walking, or turning to running, ect. it always plays the stopp
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use of the quiz object - continued by therickman @ 01/16/09 02:26 AM

Hello , The quiz object being vitalized , it's quite handy to use to set up a quiz for one's students and display it online. In the following example, I've added a feature that the quiz object doesn't have ( yet ?) i.e the possibility to display
Multimedia Fusion 2 - Technical Support
Universal Database Interface Object by droberson @ 01/15/09 04:10 PM

I would like to see a Universal Database Interface Object created. We have ODBC and we have SQLite for example. I would like to see the object support access to the tables. It would support commands such as get, put, update, delete, record count,
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Spring Compo At Game Builder by RickyG @ 01/14/09 10:28 PM

Game Builder is having a spring competition. You can get more information here:
Multimedia Fusion 2 - Technical Support
Can't find a specific .mfa example wiget by N64Mario @ 01/14/09 09:08 PM

I don't know where to ask this, so I just posted my question here. I remember there was a scrolling wiget, in which it had multiple examples of different kinds of scrolling methods. The background was dark green-ish. Can't remember if it looked like
Widgets for Multimedia Fusion 2
Timer Trigger = Widget Challenge #1 by Novabrain @ 01/14/09 06:56 PM

Let's have a friendly, problem-solving challenge. While we have a ways to go yet before an extension or MMF provides a sophisticated time line for synchronizing events, that has to start somewhere. There has been extensive talk about this between m
File Archive - Multimedia Fusion 2
Loading screen by nivram @ 01/14/09 04:33 PM

This is a loading screen for Karl using a sub-appliction in reference to this thread. Hope it helps.
Multimedia Fusion 2 - Technical Support
resizing a sub-application by Chokito @ 01/14/09 10:54 AM

Hi, is it possible to resize a sub-application after loading it from a separate ccn file? I've tryied to load a file that, with window control, resizes itself to a given value, but the frame I see on my host application does not change its size when
Multimedia Fusion 2 - Technical Support
Launch Application Question by douglasdog @ 01/14/09 07:15 AM

I am attempting to create instance so that when a button is pressed it will run a different application from within the same project. Is this possible if so how?
Multimedia Fusion 2 - Technical Support
Moving text by Rabagast @ 01/14/09 01:20 AM

In my adventure game, I have a menu with "TAKE, USE, LIST, LOOK, GIVE, etc." When i click on "TAKE" and there is no items, a message appear "Take What?" And when I click on for example "LOOK" A message will pop
Multimedia Fusion 2 - Technical Support
ActiveX output string parameter? by Ran_TH @ 01/14/09 01:03 AM

Okay, when I input an expression to get string output of ActiveX object I got this code: ParamAsString$(ActiveX Object)(>Enter string here<, >Enter String here<) The question is, what parameter I must input on ">Enter string here&
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