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Re: Click Convention 2009 - Poland by Villy @ 12 seconds ago

Oh that would be cool and interesting. I will PM you when I know more(most likely 2-3 weeks till I know).
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Re: [Bug] Object overlap check fail by Nifflas @ 29 seconds ago

Sorry, I'm not in need of a workaround, this is a bug report. If I needed programming help I would have asked. My events are correct, and I'm not getting the desired results. Your solution have no relevance whatsoever in the actual games I develop w
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Re: How to create a.. by Dynasoft @ 7 minutes 2 seconds ago

Originally Posted By: dragonguyI suppose reflection of light works similar to how the an active with bouncing ball movement bounces off surfaces. I was talking about this diagram P is the light coming in, Q is the light going away (or the other way r
Extension Development
Re: [Request] ID3 tag object by MechaBowser @ 8 minutes 13 seconds ago

Originally Posted By: CocodriloBad feedback? Look, I had crashes, okay :V Ignore my feedback or don't, your decision entirely.
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Re: Need help getting my jump code working by _LB @ 12 minutes 29 seconds ago

Just use this: +Upon Pressing Spacebar +Pick one of Enemy at random :Do jump stuff
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Re: Custom marble movement debugging by _LB @ 16 minutes 3 seconds ago

For the first part of your post, just use Compare to active Objects value = Loopindex Also, can't you just use compare two general values and use to conditions, one is the max speed, one is greator than 0, opposite for going left, ect... Sorry I re
Open topic community forum
Re: Is there a way to get email notfication? by Dynasoft @ 16 minutes 18 seconds ago

Unfortunately you can't make it auto-watch topics you reply to (or even better have a tickbox for "watch topic" under the reply box), like some forums.
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Re: Object resize problem by _LB @ 20 minutes 15 seconds ago

I usually just spread a value and then select them by thier values.
File Archive - Multimedia Fusion 2
Re: Having problems with fastloops and arrays by RickyRombo @ 30 minutes 16 seconds ago

I get that part of it, what really has me puzzled is how am I going to load it. I'm thinking I would say... *OnLoop("load") +CurrentXY("Array")=1 -Create ("right") -("right") Set X to CurrentXPos("Array
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Re: Website updates by nivram @ 39 minutes 15 seconds ago

Thanks Shawn.
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Re: Viable objects for Parallaxing? by DavidN @ Today at 09:45 AM

The trouble with layers and scrolling at the moment is that Layer 1 is always the "base" layer with a pre-calculated collision mask and everything else is moved around on top of it, which results in a lot of slowdown if you have a complex a
Multimedia Fusion 2 - Technical Support
Re: Some quick questions on limits. by DavidN @ Today at 09:43 AM

I'm fairly sure the paragraph limit isn't under 1000 (I remember making one game ages ago that had a string with at least upwards of 700)... however, if you're finding yourself needing over 1000 paragraphs you might want to look into storing them som
Java Runtime Beta
Re: New extensions in Java by Alonso @ Today at 09:34 AM

Originally Posted By: Gerblegod7 I think the purpose of this thread is to create a list of priorities, not decide which ones to convert.
Multimedia Fusion 2 - Technical Support
Re: gravity game? by Rabagast @ Today at 08:28 AM

I would go fo a simple space invaders game. It can't be much more easer than that.
HWA Beta
Re: MMF2 HWA Beta 2c by MechaBowser @ Today at 08:01 AM

Originally Posted By: PixelatedPictThat depends on what you mean, since that's a rather vague statement. It appears that you mean that HWA will not last longer then one build? That's rather bold to say, especially since you have no hand in the devel
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Re: Expression editor resource by Jamie @ Today at 07:24 AM

Well, there's the mathematical operators (+, -, *, /) and you can concatenate strings together with + Other than that, everything is either on the buttons below the box where you type your expression, or can be found by clicking "Retrieve data
Multimedia Fusion 2 - Technical Support
Re: Getting Player's score as string by Looki @ Today at 07:04 AM

Make sure you also make friends with Val() - String to value.
Multimedia Fusion 2 - Technical Support
Re: Tetris remake WIP - Need help by DPJ93 @ Today at 04:50 AM

Okay... Though I prefer to find things out without looking into the source of some other tetris games.. :P
Multimedia Fusion 2 - Technical Support
Re: Dialogbox - Questions - bugs by Yves @ Today at 01:40 AM

PS: about the X & Y positions in the dialog box editor, I never need that, you can move the controls with the arrow keys, resize them with the SHIFT key and adjust their size and position with the align / make same size features in the context me
Multimedia Fusion 2 - Technical Support
Re: Comparing 2 global values question by mobichan @ Yesterday at 11:23 PM

I've uploaded the file here: jumping bug The idea is that only one enemy should jump when you press spacebar.
Open topic community forum
Re: Madword Xmas Game Making Competition by DarkeSoft @ Yesterday at 11:22 PM

Well, good luck to the entrants! Too bad I couldn't enter (v_v, ) EDIT: Oh wait...I did...
Multimedia Fusion 2 - Technical Support
Re: Star wars opening scroll thing... by DarkeSoft @ Yesterday at 10:54 PM

In the expression editor, click on the button that says retrieve data from an object. Click on your player->position->y position. Then add -2 at the end. Should look like Y( "Active" )-2.
Open topic community forum
Re: Is there a file format for... by DarkeSoft @ Yesterday at 10:47 PM

I got Autodesk Maya. It costed alot. I spent about a week looking through tutorials and, though I learned how to use it, hate it. I found that Blender(free) was much better than Maya(expensive). Just my opinion. For animation, I use Alias Motionbuil
Open topic community forum
Maybe this could be implemented into the V-Cade?
The Games Factory 2 - Technical Support
Re: Split Screen... by _LB @ Yesterday at 09:44 PM

Just change the controls in the object in the freame that is representing your sub-app.
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